"I saw this on Insta and thought I'd give it a go as I was so unhappy with my saggy neck. Over the last couple of years it was just getting progressively worse due to my thyroid removal and the skin in my neck area seemed to be losing it's elasticity. After only 12 days, what a difference!! It's not perfect, but I am so happy with the progress so far." 


Pazzy uses the Edelweiss Neck Firming Serum


Sevgi F

"LOVEEEE this serum so much, I have been using this for about a month now and I’ve nearly finished the bottle. It's not sticky or heavy and absorbs well into the skin. I look and feel hydrated. My face looks plump and smooth, and the best part is that its affordable. It sits well under makeup and blends easily with other products in my skincare routine.


Keen to try more from boost lab."


Sevgi uses the Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum


Marena L

"Wow is all I can say right now. I have just compared the photo from day 1 till today which is 6 days short of a month using the Eye Serum..the proof is in the pudding as they say.. I was hoping for improvement and I certainly have that.."


Marena uses the Eye Reset Serum



Sanchia B

"After using the Boost Lab AHA Glow Resurfacing serum for a couple of weeks, my skin was loving me for it!! I noticed my pigmentation lightening and an overall glow in my skin most probably due to being and feeling so much more hydrated. The serum is thicker than other serums I’ve used which makes it way easier to use with my Gua Sha and skin rolling tools in the morning or at night. The lactic acid is gentle on the skin and the aloe and honey always helps calm my skin down!


Overall, I am so impressed by this serum from the packaging to the results I’ve had on my skin!! Thanks Boost Lab XX" 


Sanchia uses the AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum


Georgia H

"They are SO good and have been life changing for my skin. My face has always had breakouts, redness and sore spots.


Since using Boost Lab I saw an immediate change in my skin and although my skin is naturally quite patchy and red, I haven’t had any of those big nasty breakouts since using these serums. They’ve given my skin such a healthy barrier and hydration that it seems to have needed for years!"


Georgia uses the Vitamin B3 Blemish Resuce, Vitamin C Brightening and Retinol Night Renewal Serum bundle.



"Have only been using for 3 weeks and the results are amazing, definitely ordering more. The change was gradual so definitely take a before pic, I use am & pm. "


Jacky uses the Edelweiss Neck Firming Serum



Adela S

"After using the serum for a while I feel like my skin is definitely more brighter and smoother, fresh looking. I've also got acne scars and i think they are a bit less bumpy than they were before. 
I've used Aha's and acid based serums before and I feel like this one doesn't sting at all. Applying this serum I feel like it's a little bit thick and sticky when it comes out but it blends into the skin really nicely and gets absorbed well." 


Adela uses the AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum




Lisa K

"This is the first time I've used any product on my neck that does exactly what it claims. I'm so impressed when normally by this point I'm feeling let down. It seems like a tough area to work on, and nothing ever lives up to the hype.


For reference, I'm fifty years old. The first photo was taken on a Tuesday, and the second photo on Saturday of the same week. My skin barrier was damaged and dry after using prescription Tretinoin on my neck (it's too strong for that area), and I had some work to do repairing the dryness. I've been using it in my morning and evening skincare routine. It's amazing stuff."


Lisa uses the Edelweiss Neck Firming Serum





Rianna B

"I noticed a difference within two weeks of using this product, my skin honestly felt brighter, smoother and glowy.


I used it morning and night at first and now I maintain with morning use only; I have used Vit C serums in the past but this one has truly surpassed expectation; it’s not tacky, it spreads beautifully (feels like a light moisturiser) and goes well under my SPF in the morning – so easy to include in my pretty simple skincare routine!" 


Rianna uses the Vitamin C Brightening Serum


Loren W

"I have been using BOOST LAB retinol night renewal serum for about a month now and have noticed my skin to be more plump and hydrated, especially around my under eye area.


My wrinkles have also improved on my forehead and crows feet. Would highly recommend! " 


Loren uses the Retinol Night Renewal Serum


Linda N

"I am 51 years old, and my neck looked 10 years older than my face. I was not ready to go under the knife just yet so over the last 2 years I have tried so many expensive serums, threading and laser treatments yet nothing worked.


I was contemplating surgery this year when my sister showed me your serum and said I should try it. I was very skeptical as its price range was way lower than any others i tried, and i thought if an expensive one will not help why would a cheaper one? I decided I had nothing to lose so I would try it.


Boy, did you guys prove me and every other expensive skincare company out there wrong!


I have no idea what magic elixir you have in that bottle, but it actually worked! I even had my botox lady ask me what I had done to my neck as it was looking really really good! And she has tried fixing it last two years...The first image was taken on 21st Jan 2024, the second one I took last night. I cannot believe in 5 weeks the dramatic improvement.


I will definately be using this serum now all the time, you have saved me thousands in surgery :) Thank you"


Linda uses the Neck Firming Serum