Quality serums, accessible to all and easy to use. 

Here at BOOST LAB we focus on simplifying what can be a complex category, by supporting customers

in understanding what’s right for them and seamlessly integrating our skin solutions into any skincare regime.



"a strong desire to make great skincare available to everyone"


How it all began

BOOST LAB was founded by Australian skincare expert Craig Schweighoffer. With a background in science and product innovation, Craig created BOOST LAB after years spent bringing to life brands like ECOYA, Skin Physics and Trilogy.
"The world of skincare is over-complicated with scientific jargon and over-indulgent marketing. Well at BOOST LAB we are over it. We exist to provide skincare that does what it promises and solve skin concerns for enhanced skin health. We don’t believe that skincare has to be complex, and we don’t believe it has to be expensive. Instead, everything we do is driven by a strong desire to make great skincare available to everyone."
Craig Schweighoffer

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