Transparency. Sustainability. Innovation. 

As a brand, we have a unique opportunity to drive change and have a positive impact on our community. The BOOST Way is a set of pillars that underpin every decision we make and represent our approach to business. We’re continually evolving our commitment to social responsibility and always looking for ways to be more transparent, sustainable and innovative.



What is Clean Science? For BOOST LAB it is about doing the right thing which to us means:

◉ Being transparent in all we do

◉ Using only minimal ingredients

◉ Not using ingredients that could potentially irritate the skin or are not ideal for the environment

◉ Prioritising the use of natural ingredients where we can. . . but not at the expense of having a product that deteriorates rapidly as soon as it's opened

◉ Ethically sourced packaging that is as local as it can be sourced and recyclable 


We create skincare for everyone and this flows into everything we do in the workplace. It’s our job to create a caring working environment and we do what we can to pave the way towards inclusiveness and equality.


All the way through from the BOOST LAB team to our marketing campaigns we strive to show a true picture of our incredible, diverse society.


We are continually innovating!


Central to our skin health mantra is derma innovation that looks into the latest insights from skin science to ingredient technologies. Listening to the needs of our customers and their feedback so we can create targeted serums that address their needs; and improving on existing serums based on these insights.


On that note you will be pleased to know that we are currently working on a number of new products that will build on our current range of targeted serums. Watch this space!


All of this is not a 'set and forget' to us and we don't claim to be perfect. What we do promise is to continue to review our processes and always aim to do more, learn more and be better. Below is a list of our current projects:


◉  By July 2024, moving to Programme for the Endorsement of Forestry Certification (PEFC) for all cartons. Our product cartons are currently sourced from a PEFC supplier


◉ By 2025 introduce serum refills to minimise waste


Did you know BOOST LAB also supports innovative recycling solutions? 

Our retail partner, Priceline, offers end-to-end recycling of all of your beauty items. Simply return your empty packaging to your nearest Priceline store and pop it in their TerraCycle® Zero Waste Box. Everything collected through these boxes is sorted and processed into raw materials that can be reused instead of being sent to landfill.


BOOST LAB acknowledges the Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first inhabitants of the nation and the traditional custodians of the lands, we pay our respects to the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation, whose land we live and work on, and to elders past, present and emerging.