Here Are the Four Skincare Resolutions to Make in the New Year. Make Your Skincare a Priority, Starting With These Simple and No-Fuss Goals From BOOST LAB.

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From vowing to wear SPF everyday to decluttering your beauty cabinet, here are the four skincare resolutions to make in the New Year.

The new year often calls for change, but instead of banishing what you love in life why not make your skincare a priority, starting with these simple and no-fuss goals that promise to put your best face forward:

  1. Make SPF your BFF

    No matter the time of year - or the weather - broad spectrum SPF should be a staple in your skincare regime. Not only does it help keep you better protected from common skin cancers such as Melanoma, it can also help prevent sun-induced ageing (say bye bye to premature fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation). So take this one from opt for very high broad spectrum SPF, such as Rose S'il Vous Plait RRP $36.50 by Everyday Humans  or Ultra Violette's cult Queen Screen RRP $47.00  - both products promise a light weight, non greasy serum like finish to keep you better protected.

  2. Replenish and hydrate

  3. Our friends over at Adore Beauty recently shared an article on one of skincare’s biggest myths, and we’re right behind them. While drinking water is important for overall health, our skin can still be dehydrated and cause topical disruption leading to rough, dull and irritated skin. So in conjunction with a recommended 8 glasses a day, take your skin health forward and favour hydrating treatments including our 2-D Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum RRP $29.95, which contains a unique moisturisation mechanism for instant, deep and lasting hydration. This active packed serum uses Pro-Vitamin B5 and two types of hyaluronic acid to rescue dehydrated skin.

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  5. Stop sleeping with your makeup on

    This is one of the biggest beauty faux pas that sadly most of us are guilty of here or there, but the importance of removing your makeup goes beyond the desire to wake up without mascara on your pillow.. As skin goes through its regenerative process to shed dead skin cells and cycle them for new ones, make up can impede the process as it mixes with the  skins naturally occurring oils and external grime and pollution often leading to clogged pores and  impurities. So to make it easy on yourself: keep a bottle of no-rinse micellar water or reusable makeup remover on  standby. 

  6. Break up with your cluttered beauty cabinet and adopt #Skinimalism

    Heard of it? This buzzy new term outlined in Pinterest’s Predicts Report is a trend we hope sticks. So to get started, an audit of your current beauty cabinet is in need. Time to part ways with anything that's expired (do we need to explain why?) overcomplicated, or working against you. Instead, opt for fewer products that complement each other and have simple, easy to follow steps. You probably know where this is headed, but our entire range is designed to be mixed and matched to effortlessly integrate into your skincare regime.