We Sat Down with Award-Winning, Over-40's Beauty Expert, Amanda Ramsay, for Her Skincare Advice to Her Younger Self & Why She Uses Hydrating Serums from BOOST LAB.

Amanda Ramsay on Skincare Advice to Her Younger Self

My first question is always “Let’s back up and talk about your skincare first. Tell me what you’re doing to prep your skin for makeup.”

As we age, the skincare and makeup path blurs, as recommendations and advice often contradict themselves and are more often than not, simply confusing.

 So we sat down with award-winning makeup artist, Amanda Ramsay, to talk about how she best achieves a flawless look and what changes need to be made to empower women, and fight back on the historic notion of keeping your skin ‘young’.

Amanda is the expert makeup artist for the over 40s, the 2020 Australian Makeup Artist of the Year Finalist and 2019 Queensland Makeup Artist of the Year. Her mission is to use her platform to help women over 40 feel fabulous in their own skin, using genuine insider beauty know-how and expert beauty tips and tricks.

Amanda, we know you as the over 40s makeup expert - what made you venture into makeup artistry? When did your passion spark and how has that evolved since you first started?

For 10 years I was working in Global Advertising Agencies across Sydney and London, and I always loved the energy being on set. To me, the makeup artist had the BEST job; playing with makeup, nurturing and caring for the models and actors. I soon learnt the beauty industry played to my strengths entirely, immersing myself in makeup and skincare transported me to my happy place.

 Once we hit 40, my girlfriends started to ask what beauty products they should buy. I’d been a makeup artist for over 10 years at this point, and they’d never really taken advantage of my knowledge before. Yet all of a sudden, they felt they needed it. I was intrigued by this. 

 Then it dawned on me, our faces are changing, and the beauty industry is doing a stellar job at a) confusing us b) ignoring us and c) telling us we all need to look younger. This made me a little bit crazy, we don’t want to go back in time. Beauty has no expiry date. Beauty is timeless. So I’m all pro-age, and it’s my life's mission to ensure every woman aged 40+ remains seen, heard, feels valued and can rock on at every age.

You see a host of different faces through your work, what are the most common skin concerns that your clients ask you to remedy with through makeup? What advice would you give? 

Oh heavens where do I start – many clients want makeup to be the magic band aid for a whole host of skin challenges.  

I’d say the most common skin concerns clients want to remedy with makeup are: under-eye darkness, rosacea, pigmentation, dull and lacklustre complexion. My first question is always “Let’s back up and talk about your skincare first. Tell me what you’re doing to prep your skin for makeup.”

It takes no genius to notice your glowing skin. What role does skincare play in creating a canvas for a face of makeup? 

It’s everything. Without proper skincare prep, makeup doesn’t sit beautifully, nor last .. and this is elevated with age. I’m religious with my skincare, and have always taken that approach with my clients.  

While it may have started as a bit of “luxuriating” for my clients, good skincare prep has fast become the most important part of makeup application.

Amanda Ramsay, the over 40's beauty expert on skincare

Winter is well and truly in full force, do you notice your skin changes with the seasons? Was there something specific you do or change in your skincare when the weather starts to take a turn for the worse? 

Absolutely, Winter wreaks havoc for us mature skinned beauties! We are already moisture-challenged, so upping the ante on hydration is essential through winter. 

What are the products you recommend for mature skin, particularly in the cooler weather? 

Layering hydrating serums, a nourishing face oil, wearing sunscreen daily and adding a beautiful balm at night to lock in moisture will protect skin though the winter months, enabling your makeup to sit beautifully. I’ll always recommend a great beauty balm, nourishing face oil and of course the 2D Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum and Multi-Peptide Anti-Ageing Serum are essentials. 

Your platform is an inspiration and advice hub for so many women - especially those over 40s. What would be your top two skincare tips to those wanting to up their regime to fit their maturing skin? 

My #1 tip is to make sure you’re using a broad-spectrum, high-factor dedicated sunscreen every day (and don’t depend on your foundation to provide this cover!).

My second tip is to book a Personal Beauty Consult with me, to get my expert guidance on delivering products that address your skin's needs. Consistency, think

about skincare as “feeding” your skin - the more love you give it, the better you will feel.

And to finish, what’s some beauty advice you wish you could tell your younger self? 

Wear the damn sunscreen! Enjoy, celebrate and relish your naturally plump and glowing skin, wear less matte finish foundation and know that you’re perfect just as you are. Perfection is a mirage, beauty is in the imperfections.

If you’d like to hear more tips and tricks from Amanda, follow @amandaramsaymakeup and can join her Members Only  Shine Sessions, the bite-sized step by step makeup video tutorials that teach you how to prep your skin and apply makeup, helping you feel fabulously confident at every age.