Should You Use an Eye Cream or an Eye Serum to Keep Your Eyes Looking Fresh, Healthy and Young? Since They Do Different Things, What's the Difference?

Eye Serum vs Eye Cream: Which Should You Use?

As the most delicate skin on your whole body, it can be difficult to find the right product to keep your eyes looking fresh, healthy and young. One of the most important questions is deciding on an eye cream or an eye serum. Since they do different things, one must be better than the other – right? Not exactly.

We explore how eye creams and eye serums work, and how they can complement your skincare routine.

Eye serum vs eye cream: What’s the difference?

Eye creams are used to treat your skin’s surface and are generally used for moisturisation. They are helpful for keeping the skin around your eyes hydrated and smooth. Sometimes they might include active ingredients for specific benefits, but these creams don’t absorb into the skin well because of the larger molecule size of their ingredients. These thicker ingredients do, however, work to create a strong skin barrier that retains moisture.

Eye serums are highly concentrated with active agents that can be fully absorbed into your skin. Their treatment begins below your epidermis, and after applying they won’t leave any residue on your skin’s surface. Because eye serums are less viscous and are made up of more watery components, it leaves a much nicer texture and finish on your skin. 

FAQ about eye cream and eye serums

Still not sure whether to choose an eye cream, an eye serum or both? Read on for some common questions from BOOST LAB customers.

Q. Is a cream or serum better for my skin type?

A. If you’re going for an eye cream, your choices will depend on your skin type – dry, oily or combination – since they work on the surface of your skin rather than penetrating it.

Eye serums, on the other hand, are great for all skin types. The only thing to avoid is synthetic allergens. The most important tip is to carefully consider your skin’s needs, and don’t overcomplicate your skincare routine by using too many products.

Q. Do I need to use both eye serum and eye cream?

A. Ultimately, this will come down to your personal preference. Eye serums will pack more of a punch long-term, while eye creams are great at creating a thick moisture barrier – but they may not leave your skin feeling comfortable all day. If you are noticing signs of ageing around your eyes, using both a serum and a cream together could work well.

Q. Which is better for your skin?

A. The skin around your eyes is 30% thinner and more fragile than other parts of your face. That also means it’s more sensitive to ageing factors. Because of this, both an eye serum and eye cream should be incorporated into your daily ritual – starting from your 20s.

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