Let's Talk: Hydro Boost Serum

Including plenty of water in your diet is the best way to stay hydrated and healthy – but no matter how much water you drink - your skin can still feel dehydrated. It’s just an unfortunate fact of how our bodies work.

Because dehydration can impact your skin barrier, that can lead to dry, rough, dull and irritated skin. Not to mention it increases the appearance of wrinkles, which only make you look more fatigued and stressed. Enter: our scientifically designed 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum.

It’s a daily application for deep hydration that easily penetrates your skin and moisturises it for fast, effective relief. You’ll get two levels of moisturisation that starts working instantly, and our long-lasting formula will keep your skin hydrated and plump throughout the whole day.

Each bottle of serum is formulated with two biological forms of Hyaluronic Acid. The Sodium Hyaluronate has the capacity to absorb 1,000 times its weight in water, which helps it form an active (and transparent!) barrier on your skin to lock in moisture. The Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid, on the other hand, penetrates your skin to provide deep moisturisation and visibly plump up any fine lines and wrinkles.

Experience a reinforced skin barrier

Our hydration serum really is a triple threat: moisturiser, hydrator, and skin protector. The ingredient Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5) actually strengthens your skin’s moisture barrier to soothe and improve the symptoms of sensitive skin. That’s worth the price of admission alone, but you’ll also get softer, plumper-looking skin from daily applications.

What about all those nasties in usual skincare products, we hear you ask? You won’t find any here! No sulphates, no parabens, no fragrances and certainly no cruel testing to produce our exceptional serums. Every bottle of BOOST LAB is also dermatologically tested to meet your skin’s unique needs.

FACT: You’ll love these facts about our 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum

Wanna know a secret? The most important ingredient in our 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum is a little something called Sodium Hyaluronate. No, you don’t need a science to figure out what it does – just read on!
What is it and how does it work? Sodium Hyaluronate:

  • Replaces your skin’s natural Hyaluronic Acid content, which diminishes with age and when exposed to various environmental factors (e.g. UV rays and pollution) that cause moisture loss.
  • Enhances your skin’s absorption of other nourishing ingredients.
  • Restores your skin’s moisture, promoting a more revitalised and youthful complexion.
  • Is gentle enough for use on most skin types, including acne-prone skin.
  • Smooths the appearance of wrinkles and improves your skin’s texture.
How do I use it?
  1. Cleanse your skin as usual – in the morning and/or evening.
  2. Apply a few drops of 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum.
  3. Apply your favourite moisturisers and make-up as usual.
Fight off dehydration – and dry, rough-looking skin – with a supercharged daily formula: 2D-Hyaluronic Hydro Boost Serum.