BOOST LAB Have Taken the Guesswork Out of the “Perfect” Skincare Regime by Matching the Serums Specific to Your Skin. Skin Advisor - Our Newest Skin Technology.

BOOST LAB Skin Advisor digital beauty tool

We get it, the beauty and skincare industry is overwhelming. Finding the right products for your skin concern can be a challenge,  so we’re taking the guesswork out of curating the “perfect” skincare regime based on trial and error and matching you with the serums specific to your skin health and concerns with our new glow-getting technology; Skin Advisor.

Your pocket friendly skin expert and educator, Skin Advisor is a digital beauty advisor giving you free, personalised skincare advice in less than one minute thanks to the power of artificial intelligence.

With just a selfie, our expert algorithms analyse and compare your skin with over 30,000 demographically representative images combined with some additional information you share with us, such as the area you live and target areas for improvement to determine an overall skin health ‘score’ placed into one of the below rankings:

0-40  -  Your skin score is “OK” and the better of < 40% of the population

41 - 70  -  Your skin score is “Good” and the better of 41-70% of the population 

71 - 100 - Your skin score is “Excellent” and the better of against 71-100% of    the population

Toggle throughout and receive dermatologist-level skin advice before getting an AI-driven product recommendation with the BOOST LAB serums specific to your skin and voilà.

Want a step by step guide? See below for instructions on how to use:

  1. Click Skin Advisor via the homepage of our website and wait for the popup digital beauty advisor to load. 
  2. Click get started and select your skin type. If you’re unsure, use the information listed underneath each section and pick what you best align with
  3. Select all that apply for skin concerns and follow the prompts
  4. Select your gender and age bracket
  5. Enable location settings and let us know what city you live in. We use this to understand the UV index, average humidity and pollution score as all these external factors influence skin health
  6. For best results, take a selfie. If you prefer not to, you can pick your matching conditions by opting to ‘Skip This Step’
  7. The results are in, toggle left and right to learn about your skin and get an overall skin score
  8. You’re done, see the personalised serum recommendations specific to your skin and shop with confidence.

Everyone’s different, but a little boost goes a long way. Try Skin Advisor today and tell us what you think via @boostlabco