Everything You Need to Know About Transitioning Your Skincare Regime for the Cooler Months to Keep Your Skin Radiant, Hydrated and Protected. BOOST LAB.

What You Need to Know About Your Skincare Regime for Winter

The change of seasons almost always causes changes to our skin because of the bodies natural adjustment to the mercury dropping. Especially so when you’re hit with freezing winds some days and heaters cranking.

But a few simple swaps and extra TLC can keep skin radiant, hydrated and protected. Helping keep winter induced skin concerns at bay:

  1. Swap out your cleanser for a hydrating cleanser

    Cleansers are designed to clean the skin, which is why they’re often packed with surfactants (like soaps and fragrances) that draw dirt, grime, oil and other pollutants from pores. But with that often comes with ingredients that can strip skin, leading to dry, irritated patches and a sallow, lacklustre complexion that actually highlights imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles. So instead, opting for a deeply hydrating cleanser that favours ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, glycerin and ceramides is key, as they work to restore and revive the skin barrier seal in moisture.

Pro tip: if you’re feeling extra dry, limit cleansing to once daily and double down on serum and moisturisers.

  1. Layer your hydration

    Taking the time to multi-hydrate pays off, as serums and moisturisers work together to treat and protect. If you’re new to layering, it’s as straightforward as it sounds and can be done with a combination of your favourite BOOST LAB serums topped off with a moisturiser. For best results, pat our award winning 2D Hydro Boost Serum into cleansed skin and follow with our Night Renewal complex to give skin the boost it needs, when it needs it most. Complete the routine with your preferred moisturiser (again try to favour those hydration heroes) and let your skin relish in unparalleled hydration.

  2. Never break up with your SPF BFF

The cooler weather sometimes gives us a false sense of security, but we’re here to set the record straight: you still need to wear SPF even though the UV index might be a little weaker. Do your best to source strong SPF+ that’s non comedogenic (doesn’t have ingredients that will clog pores) and bonus points for soothing ingredients that double as hydrating heroes.

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