Do You Have a Skin-Nourishing Product That Gives You An Early-Morning Glow When You Wake? Here Are BOOST LAB's Top 5 Night Serums to Use Before Hitting the Hay.

Before bed skin care tips

You may already have a complete daily beauty regime that you stick to religiously. But what about when you go to bed? Do you have a skin-nourishing product that will give you that early-morning glow when you wake up?

If not, here are five of the best night serums to use before hitting the hay.

Tips for using a night serum

Did you know that your skin uses the time when you are sleeping to rejuvenate and regenerate itself? That’s why it’s so essential to use a night serum formula that’s specifically designed to get the most out of your evening slumber.

The best serums usually feature at least one acid, so keep an eye out for night serums with hyaluronic, lactic, salicylic and glycolic acids – or, even better, a blend of all four. And if your skin can tolerate retinol, look for a night serum with the powerful anti-ageing ingredient so it can tackle any wrinkles and fine lines.

Here are some quick tips for using your night serum:

  • Keep it simple: Don’t layer too much on your face at night. Most night creams are very concentrated, so either use one of those or a night serum – never both at the same time. You can then add a moisturiser that’s appropriate for your skin over the top of the serum.

  • Follow the right routine: Your night serum should be used between applying your eye treatment and moisturiser.

  • Slip, slop, slap in the morning: When you wake up, make sure you apply sunscreen over the top of the serum so you’re protected against UV rays for the day.

Night serums work so well because the layer of serum stays uninterrupted while you sleep. So, ready to find a night serum that matches your evening routine? Here’s our top five solutions.


    Night Renewal Serum

As the name suggests, our Night Renewal Serum has been designed as the ideal bedtime partner for your skin. The serum penetrates the surface layers of your skin and delivers a powerful combination of Vitamin B3 and Retinol – which means it gets exactly where it needs to go. You’ll notice improvements in everything from fine lines and wrinkles to brighter skin and reduced pore size.

Night Renewal Serum

  1. Anti-Ageing Serum

Peptides are at the heart of our Anti-Ageing Serum. Apply it before bed and experience a multi-action, clinical concentrate of active peptides and carbohydrate blend. This helps control the various signs of ageing, reduces unsightly crow’s feet and fine lines, and offers invigorating, long-term hydration.

Anti-Ageing Serum


    Eye Reset Serum

Our unique Eye Reset Serum formula has been designed to fight the signs of ageing and fatigue at their source. Say goodbye to wrinkles, lines, dark circles and puffy bags around your eyes – all while you sleep! Keep up the nightly routine so those tired-looking eyes are reenergised and revitalised.

BOOST LAB eye reset serum


    Resurfacing Serum

Because of the AHAs from the lactic and glycolic acids, our Resurfacing Serum becomes a dynamic exfoliator that will support the natural cycle of skin-cell turnover. The result is a smoother, brighter and more revitalised complexion.

BOOST LAB Resurfacing Serum

  1. Hydro Boost Serum

One of the main causes of dull, wrinkled skin in the morning is lack of hydration. Our Hydro Boost Serum helps stave off overnight dehydration to keep your skin free of dryness, irritation, rough patches and a dull complexion. The serum works by forming a transparent film over your skin to lock in moisture as you sleep. It also strengthens your face’s moisture barrier to reduce the symptoms of sensitive skin.

BOOST LAB Hydro Boost Serum

Waking up with oily skin?

If you dread waking up in the morning to the sight – and feeling – of oily skin, use our Blemish Rescue Serum as part of your nightly routine. It’s an oil-free solution that packs an intense punch of Vitamin B3 concentrate. It will not only manage your oily skin, but also work to reduce enlarged pores, acne, blemishes and redness around your face. Even better, the serum forms an invisible and breathable shield to protect your skin from any overnight nasties.

You can explore all of our BOOST LAB products to find the right one for your needs, and get plenty of inspo from our blog to improve your skincare routine and enjoy a better complexion.