BOOST LAB Was Born From a Need for Higher-Quality, Single-Focus Treatment Serums. Find Out How Our 7 serums Use Gold Standard Problem-Solving Ingredients.

Introducing: BOOST LAB Treatment Serums

BOOST LAB was born out of a need for higher-quality, single-focus treatment serums that simply weren’t available to the Australian market.

When BOOST LAB launched, our goal was clear: to put the power of creating stronger, healthier skin back into the hands of the people. That’s why all of our serums have been carefully designed using Gold Standard problem-solving ingredients. They contain scientifically backed actives that address – and fix – seven of the most common skin concerns. It’s why we’ve developed seven serums!

In each bottle of BOOST LAB serum you’ll only get the essential ingredients – no nasties like you’ve come to expect from other brands. And when used in combination with your favourite moisturisers, you’ll get the boost your skin deserves – when you need it most!

How are our 7 essential serums different than other brands?

We know that everyone’s skin is different, so creating a one-and-done serum that fixes every skin concern is just not possible – trust us, we’ve seen people try!

That’s why BOOST LAB focused on developing a revolutionary new range of single-focus treatment serums. You can choose the ones that apply to your skin type and enjoy all the fruits of our labour.

Here are some reasons why we reckon our serums are pretty awesome:

  • Effortless integration: Each of our serums will elevate your beauty routine to give your skin the boost it needs – wherever it needs it most.
  • Always the highest quality – no compromise: All of our products are formulated with specially-chosen, high-quality active ingredients.
  • Backed by science! Every ingredient and formulation from BOOST LAB has been scientifically proven to ensure maximum efficacy.
  • It’s just so simple: Our concentrated serums quickly absorb into your skin, delivering results without the expensive price tag of other high-end brands.
  • No nasties: Made using only the finest and essential ingredients, without any fragrances, parabens, sulphates or pigments.
  • By our powers combined: All seven serums can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire to treat a single or multiple skin concerns.
  • All serums are dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, so they can be used on all skin types.

Why should I use BOOST LAB for my skincare routine?

You can read more about each of our serums in-depth on their individual product pages, but here’s a quick hit about how they can boost your skincare routine:

BOOST your routine in 3 easy steps:

  1. Cleanse and tone.
  2. Add the BOOST your skin needs.
  3. Apply heavier treatments, make-ups and moisturisers as you like.
Learn more about BOOST LAB serums on our blog for easy inspo to improve your skincare routine.