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Hydrate + Glow



When your skin fails to effectively retain its natural moisturising factors it is unable to replenish itself properly, leading to dry and unhealthy skin.  

Jam-packed with two types of Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-Vitamin B5 our Hydro Boost serum deeply hydrates before forming a silky, transparent film to lock in that moisture and strengthen your skin's barrier.

Combined with our Vitamin C Brightening Serum and Retinol Night Renewal Serum, which not only promotes accelerated healing of skin damage but also connects perfectly with the skin’s surface layers. Locking in moisture and strengthening the skin’s natural defences, preventing any further dehydration.

Scientifically developed using the latest Gold Standard ingredients

  • Results seen in as little as 48 hours
  • Soothing natural ingredients
  • Pollution Shield
  • Dermatologically tested

Used in combination with all your existing favourite moisturisers and cleansers, BOOST LAB serums give your skin the boost it needs, when it needs it most.

What's not Inside

None of the Nasties:

- No sulphates

- No parabens

- No fragrances

- No animal testing (AT ALL !)

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Just cleanse, apply and let it soak in!


Cleanse your skin as usual – in the evening


Apply 2-3 drops of Night Renewal Serum to your face and neck and gently massage them in.


Combine with 2-3 drops of Hydro Boost Serum or Brightening Serum to your face and neck and gently massage in (These can be used in the morning or at night after your usual cleanse).


Apply your favourite treatments and moisturisers as usual

Hydrate + Glow

Super Boost Essentials

Hydrate + Glow

Hydrolysed Hyaluronic Acid

deeply penetrates all layers of the skin while remaining light weight and deeply nourishing

Hydrate + Glow


strengthens the skin's moisture barrier by attracting water into the skin. Most effective for those with sensitive skin as it’s calming and can visibly reduce redness

Hydrate + Glow

Vitamin C

provides firmer skin, protects from redness and inflamed skin caused by UV/pollution and acne; and gives a more even skin tone, diminishing dark spots

Hydrate + Glow

Vitamin E

neutralises lipid free radicals formed from UVB and pollution that can damage your skin. Works with Vitamin C as an antioxidant and to moisturise skin

Hydrate + Glow

Grabactive Retinoid

helps renew skin plumpness, elasticity and hydration to provide a radiant and fresh appearance. Stimulates skin cell proliferation; restoring thickness to skin.

Hydrate + Glow

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